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Avoid Flat Roof Damages Due to Wet Weather

Maintaining your roof is as simple as looking at it closely several times a year, making sure water is draining away. An unprecedented issue is water leaks with flat roof construction. In St. Louis County, MO, the climate throughout the year varies from 25 °F in winter to 89 °F during summer. These extreme conditions, combined with snow, rainfall, and wind throughout the year, may cause damage to your roof.  


Water may be a big problem for your roof if not treated immediately, needing an emergency roof repair. At the moment of discovery, take the necessary measures to analyze your roof situation before it leaks into your home.  


What to Do in Case of a Leak

Contact Your Roofing Contractor of Choice – Every roof repair should be done correctly. Roof contractors specialize in any situation that could damage your home, including water. They inspect the roof and come up with the best solution. 


Contact Your Insurance Company – If this is an unexpected expense, your insurance may help with the reparation cost. Document everything to help describe your problem. Be familiar with your policy and call them as soon as possible. 


Cover Every Hole Quickly – While waiting for professional help, prevent more damage by covering holes with tarps or other waterproof materials. Inside your home, move furniture and place buckets under the leak so that your indoor home is safe. 


Maximize your flat roof’s lifespan with regular maintenance to avoid further damage. Inspect the area properly and fix cracks when needed to save money in the long run. When doing so, a flat roof may last up to 20 years.