Roofing ContractorS in St. LOUIS County, MO

Hire more than just the average roofing contractors in St. Louis County, MO, when you choose Biebel Brothers Roofing for your next commercial project. Repairing or replacing the roof over your business involves much more than just hammering nails and buying shingles. Over the course of our century doing business in this area, we have developed a process that makes roofing simple for the commercial client.

We understand what it takes to complete a large-scale building project for a business. When a client has multiple locations, their facilities management may decide to replace every roof. A project of this type is broad in scale and involves a great deal of coordination between insurance companies, location managers, and billing representatives.

Simplify the roofing process and enhance the value of your entire enterprise when you choose the right roofing group. A new roof replacement can set your establishment apart from the competition and give your employees something to be proud of. Focus on the long-term goals of your business, and avoid the complications and added costs involved with this type of capital improvement.

Coordinating Complicated Construction Projects

Whether you are improving the roofing for a series of buildings or just one location, the details and delays involved with this process can become overwhelming. You need a contractor that is willing to work around your schedule and provide you with the assistance you need with the commercial insurance claims process.

Our company is ready to deploy an experienced inspector to your location or locations in the aftermath of a storm or the run-up to significant expansion. Once we determine the scope of your needs for a roof repair we can provide you with a licensed roofing contractor. We value the reputation we have developed for efficiency and value, so we take the time to hire qualified roofers.

Financial Reconciliation

Work with a team that has you covered. In addition to our skilled team of roofing professionals, our company also benefits from a group of financial specialists. We carefully review your claim and mediate any disputes that may arise. Our team takes care of the heavy lifting, which includes providing your insurance company with all of the proper paperwork once the project is complete.

The complications involved with insurance claims and schedule coordination should never cause you to put off any needed roofing improvements across your enterprise. Establish a partnership with a group that understands large-scale building projects as well as any other company operating in this industry.

Contact our roofing contractor today and start the process of submitting your insurance claim. We proudly serve customers and clients throughout St. Louis County, Missouri.