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Determining If You Should Repair Or Replace Your Flat Roof

If your flat roof is experiencing a leak, you will have to decide whether to arrange flat roof repair in St. Louis, MO, or replace your entire flat roofing system. Every roof is different, which makes deciding to repair or replace your flat roof difficult. Having a commercial/industrial flat roofing expert inspect your roof will give you a dependable and accurate evaluation of your flat roof’s health.

Here are the key factors in a thorough assessment:

Repair vs. Replace

It is essential to ascertain the severity and percentage of the damage to the flat roof. There is no perfect equation to determine if you should choose flat roof repair over replacement. For example, even concentrated damage can be severe enough to require your flat roof to be replaced, and widespread damage, even if minor, can sometimes be repaired without further risk to the roof.

Subpar Flat Roof Installation

Depending on the flat roofing system you have, simple cracks, tears, or blisters can be a quick and easy fix via flat roof repair. However, if your roof was installed incorrectly, it could damage the exterior components of the flat roof system over time, including ventilation, flashings, the membrane, etc. It’s possible that the decision to replace your flat roof system entirely could save you from frequent, costly repairs and constant maintenance.

End of Life for Flat Roof Materials

Depending on the materials that were used, the lifespan of your flat roof system can vary. Environmental factors and maintenance can shorten or extend your flat roof system’s life and the need for flat roof repair. Having a roofing expert inspect your flat roof will confirm the remaining lifespan of the materials. If the materials are near the end of their lifespans, then leaks and damage to your flat roof will become more frequent. Replacing your flat roof system will be more cost-effective in the long run than the constant need for repairs.