Commercial Roofing in St. Louis County, MO

Maximize the value of your business establishment and give your employees a clean and comfortable environment to work in when you make an investment in commercial roofing in St. Louis, MO. Whether your building is right on the street or hidden from view, your roofing system is a critical part of your success. Protect the interior of your building and catch the eye of a potential client with new roofing from Biebel Brothers Roofing.

Here at Biebel Brothers Roofing, we have the tools and training needed to repair or replace a traditional shingle roof or flat roof construction in St. Louis County, MO. Our family-owned-and-operated business is here to help you when you are facing challenges, whether you are trying to select a roof with affordable maintenance costs or determining if you need to replace the entire roof.

Versatility and flexibility make a difference to our commercial customers. Our team works hard to avoid disrupting your operations, especially during your business hours. Your new roof investment should not cost you any business. Hire our contractors for commercial roofing, whether you need traditional or flat-style roofing. We conveniently offer our commercial clients roof repair.

Our Commercial Roofing Services

Every establishment we serve is different in some way, and that is what makes our free estimates all the more critical. We carefully judge the structure for stability to ensure your new roof is capable of handling the load. That includes runoff and snow loads.

The number of existing roofing layers makes a difference when it comes to our approach to installation and replacement. Buildings with just one layer of roofing may qualify for a commercial re-roof. In this instance, the second layer of roofing is installed on top of the existing layer. We recommend a re-roof when the structure can handle the load, but this prevents our inspector from reviewing the viability of the roof deck.

Roofs with more than one layer may require a complete tear-off, which allows us to inspect the underlayment and install ice and water shielding in areas of concern. Our team can evaluate all of the valleys and eaves, and replace all of the existing flashings. We’ll haul away the debris, leaving your surroundings looking better than before.

A Rolling Flat Roof

Protect any building with a low-slope roof with modified bitumen solutions. Our TPO application allows for fewer seams and more efficient water shedding. You deserve a long-lasting product that is predictable and cost-effective. We also carry a full line of Firestone building products. Our inventory includes EPDM, TPO, and a series of coatings. Our full suite of services also includes repairs and maintenance.

Inquire about an estimate for your commercial roofing project by calling our roofing contractors at (314) 997-5522 today. We serve customers in St. Louis, MO, and the surrounding communities.