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How to Know If You Need Emergency Roof Repair

Don’t let extreme weather get you down. Your roof should keep your home warm and dry throughout all of the rainy, windy, and snowy months of the year. If you are worried about your roof developing leaks, here are the top three signs to look out for as indicators that you may need a roof replacement or emergency roof repair in St. Louis, MO.

Your Shingles Are Torn Off By Wind

Winds of 50 mph might not seem like a big issue if you’re indoors, all warm and dry. But for an aging roof, gusty wind in the right direction can lead to the need for emergency roof repair. If the underside of your shingles gets exposed, you can expect a leak to happen. If you have an older roof, take a close look at your shingles after each windstorm. If any shingles are missing, you may be able to replace a small section through emergency roof repair, but a more substantial section may necessitate a roof replacement.

Theres Been a Lot of Ice and Snow

The freeze-thaw cycle of ice has been quite successful at eroding entire hillsides, so it’s certainly good at eroding your roofing as well. Snow accumulation on the roof is typical, but if the ice moves under loose shingles, refreezes, and expands again, it may lead to leaking and emergency roof repair.

Animals Have Visited Your Roof

While a visit by a flock of birds is nothing to be concerned about, animals like squirrels, raccoons, and woodpeckers can nest or chew holes in siding and roofing. If you’ve noticed an influx in new or unusual animal activity around your home and roof, take a look to see if there are holes in your roofing.