Is It Time for Roof Replacement in St. Charles County, MO?

It’s not always easy to determine if your home or business needs roof replacement in St. Charles County, MO. Let us share with you the signs that professionals from roofing companies use to make these decisions.

Take a look at the shingles. A compromised roof shows the signs in its asphalt shingles. There are likely many missing shingles, some of which you may find on the ground after a storm. The shingles themselves may be losing granules, which are an essential part of their weatherproofing. Also, check for mold or algae. Mold shows unwelcome signs of moisture, and algae eat away at the roofing material.

Are your energy bills skyrocketing? When the bills suddenly increase, you may be losing heat from the roof, a big sign of inefficiency that’s costing you money.

Watch out for a buildup of icicles and ice dams. Giant icicles may be pretty, but they’re a sign your building is losing energy from the roof. The same is true of ice dams. Check the condition of the roof, the amount of insulation, and how the ventilation is working. These are red flags for roof replacement in St. Charles County, MO.

Does the chimney leak? If so, this tells you your building is suffering exposure to the elements. The first thing to do is repair or replace the flashing because this is the point where water enters most frequently.

Check for these signs, and then call our roofing contractor for an estimate to replace your roof.