How to Avoid Ponding on Your Commercial Roofing in St. Louis, MO

Most commercial properties have flat or very slightly pitched roofs. That simple fact means they can trap water rather than allow it to run off quickly, and pools of water – known as ponding – can often result. These pools can then lead to unpleasant consequences. It is best to avoid them from the start, so you don’t end up with leaks and water damage to your building.

The team at Biebel Brothers Roofing knows all about commercial roofing in St. Louis, MO, and we’ll tell you how to avoid pooling.

The very first thing you can do is to inspect your roof regularly for drainage, debris, and its overall condition. Make sure the drains and drain lines are kept clear to avoid a backup that causes pooling. If needed, add more drains and lines for increased water flow and repair any low points that are discovered. This is best done by a company with plenty of commercial roofing experience as they know what to look for.

You could even decide to have a commercial roofing company re-pitch the roof to eliminate pooling and ensure proper drainage. This is an expensive option and often one of last resort. Another more viable option is installing “roof crickets,” which are small structures that divert water flow to prevent pools around fixtures such as vents or pipes.

If you wish to learn more, Biebel Brothers Roofing is happy to answer your questions.