Some Thoughts About Flat Roof Repair in St. Louis

A flat roof is a construction style for many buildings. We’re not going to discuss the reasons here, as this post will address flat roof repair in St. Louis.

Biebel Brothers Roofing has many years of experience dealing with all types of roofs and roofing problems. That’s why we’re confident you will find this information helpful.

Leaks are the biggest issue with these roofs. It’s a fact that over time roofing material will deteriorate, and water will find its way through. Picture the effects of the blazing sun beating down day after day and then contrast it with the low temperatures in the winter months. It’s not hard to imagine these extremes taking a toll on your roof due to expansion and contraction as pieces dry out and crack. Add in rainwater in puddles on the roof, and you have the perfect scenario for leaks.

Drainage systems need to be kept unblocked, and most importantly, any damage to the roof covering, underlayment, or flashing should be fixed right away.

It’s essential to have professionals check your flat roof regularly for signs of damage and deterioration. It is much better to catch the issues early and have them repaired than it is to discover them when rainwater starts running into your building.

The weather is your biggest enemy when you have a flat roof, but a professional roofer will be your biggest ally.