Common Issues You May Face with Asphalt Shingle Roofs

asphalt shinglesYour home’s roofing shingles make it attractive and help it blend with the other houses in your community. In addition to improving its appearance, asphalt shingles help protect your residence from the elements. However, like any residential roofing material, problems can arise with shingles. Home improvement experts recommend you contact a professional contractor for roof repair in St. Louis County, MO, at the first sign of trouble.

Over time, shingles may blister because water becomes trapped inside of them. You can recognize blistering because of the breaks it makes in shingles, exposing your roof’s underlying layer. If you notice the edges of your shingles are bending upwards, curling is probably the culprit. Curling is often a sign of normal wear and tear, but it can also indicate moisture trapped under shingles.

Aging, weather exposure, and a home’s minimal movement that naturally occurs can cause those cracks you see in your shingles. Faulty shingle production and roof overheating are two things that lead to the loss of asphalt granules, which is easily noticeable. Perhaps the easiest issue to identify is missing shingles because you can see where one or more pieces have fallen off.

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