Roof Replacement Vs. Residential Roof Repair in St. Louis, MO

Residential roof repair in St. Louis, MO, can solve a wide array of problems and sometimes choosing repair over replacement is an economical and effective solution. In other cases, it is qualified as “throwing good money after bad”. For instance:

Roofing Over an Existing Roof – This may seem wise — double the shingles for double the protection, right? Wrong. This adds too much weight, compromising the structural integrity. You could be missing the real problem, such as water damage or age.

Covering the Damage with Patches – Your first concern has to be what the damage on the rooftop means for the roof as a whole. It’s crucial to repair the damage, not just cover it up.

Adding Missing Shingles – When a recent storm has blown off several loose shingles, you may opt to add new ones. However, suppose the roof is nearing the end of its working life. In that case, it’s a good idea to have professionals look it over to assess its underlying condition.

We don’t want you to cover up damage and weakness that could lead to problems in the future. Ask our roofing professionals to look over your roof and discuss the price and options for residential roof repair in St. Louis, MO, or replacement.